Stanchion Parts

Replacement Stanchion PartsWe have replacement crowd control stanchion parts including new clip ends, belt cassette assemblies, bases, base covers and other parts.

  • Stanchion Rope Ends for 1″, 1.25″ ropes and 1.5″ stanchion ropes in black, chrome, brass, satin, bronze and custom powder coated colors. These include open hook and thumb snap end pieces.
  • Stanchion Bases / Base Covers: Stanchion bases take a beating. Sometimes you can get away with just swapping out bases or base covers instead of investing in all new stanchions.
  • Replacement Base Pads for Stanchion MastersĀ® two tier bases
  • Replacement Retractable Belt Stanchion Cassettes for most brands of retractable stanchions. Various colors and belt lengths are available.
  • Replacement Finials for post and rope stanchions

Contact us with the following:

  • The brandĀ and model of your stanchions if possible. Pics help
  • The quantity and color of each stanchion part you need.
  • If you need replacement belt cassettes for retractable stanchions, please include belt color and length needed along with brand of stanchion.
  • The destination we are shipping your stanchion parts to including the zip code.


  • Visiontron Retractabelt and Retracta-Belt Prime
  • Queue Solutions
  • Tensabarrier and Tensator
  • QueueWay
  • Lavi Beltrac
  • Various Chinese Imports which are mostly universal including VIP Crowd Control
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