Stanchion Maintenance

How to handle and care for your all metal stanchions.


When you receive your Stanchion Masters® metal stanchions, it is highly recommended you wear clean leather type gloves when you remove them from the box or whenever you transport them. This prevents scratching and keeps your posts clean.

Dirty gloves, grease or oil on your hands will leave marks on the metal surfaces that can be wiped off. Make sure your gloves and hands are free from oil, chemicals, grease, etc…


Care is simple, don’t go overboard with your cleaning process. DO NOT USE harsh chemical cleaners or metal polish anywhere on the stanchions. Simply wipe your stanchions down with a microfiber towel. You can use non-ammonia glass cleaner or mild soapy water to remove greasy hand prints.

NOTE: Power/Pressure washing is NOT recommended.


BASES, POST CAP TOPS AND RING HARDWARE: Scratches are inevitable when your stanchions are being handled by employees or the public has access to them. These items may get chipped or scratched over time from handling, jewelry and the stanchion ropes. Minor touch up with a UV resistant semi-gloss or matte black paint may be required once in a while.

APPLICATION TIP: Instead of spraying the paint directly on the scratched part, use plastic gloves, shake the can well, spray the paint on a rag or paper towel and then rub onto the part. You will get a much nicer result if you are repairing the scratch or chips only

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