Rustic Sign Stands

Rustic Wooden Sign StandThese durable rustic wood like sign stand feature an aluminum or plastic wood composite (WPC) post that looks just like real wood. You can connect them to other signs stands or matching rustic rope post barriers from Stanchion Masters®. The sign stands and ropes can be used outdoors or indoors though the media insert should be weatherproof media when used outdoors.

Just like our luxury sign stands, our wooden signs stands are a step up from traditional sign stands and sign holders. These sign holders are an upgrade from traditional models. They are designed to blend in with hotels, retail stores, casinos, resorts or venue that feature wood them decor? There are over a dozen wood color option to choose from.


Portable wooden sign stands are the ultimate statement maker! These sign displays are durable and heavy duty as a sign stand should be.  Yet, the square wood like post sets Stanchion Masters® sign stands apart from most others and is an attractive choice over traditional sign stand options.


Portable wooden sign stands and sign holders are a better option than traditional shiny metal posts because they may be more aesthetically pleasing depending on where they are used.

  • Aesthetics: Wooden sign stands and media holders with square posts are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional shiny metal posts. They have a warm, natural look that can complement any décor. Round metal posts, on the other hand, can be cold and industrial-looking.
  • Durability: Wooden sign stands and holders are more durable than traditional shiny metal posts. Many cheaper traditional sign stands are assembled with a short bolt through the base. These will end up leaning over time, especially with frequent handling. Also, some cheap metal posts that use steel and lower grade stainless will rust and corrode over time. Especially when used outdoors or in coastal locations near salt water.
  • Versatility: Stanchion Masters® wooden sign stands and signs holders are also more versatile than traditional metal sign holders. With weather resistant media inserts, they can be used indoors and outdoors.

If you are looking for a sign stand or sign holder that is both stylish and functional, a wood like option is the best choice. The posts are available in a variety of colors to match your theme or decor and there are also four sizes of vertical sign holder frame dimensions to choose from.

Rustic Sign Stands Rustic Post Sign Stands With Black Rope

Here are a few more reasons why you should opt for Stanchion Masters® sign stands for your next event:

  • They are portable and easy to set up. Just screw on the sign holder and use them almost anywhere. Transport by two wheel dolly is recommended.
  • They are built from rust resistant and corrosion resistant materials that will last. The heavy cast iron base adds stability and is padded to protect floor surfaces.
  • The sign stands come with a variety of portrait (vertical) sizes of sign holders to suit your needs: 7″W x 11″H, 8.5″W x 11″H, 11″W x 14″H, 14″W x 22″H


Rustic sign stands available in a variety of wooden posts colors.


Here are a few tips for using portable Stanchion Masters® sign stands:

  • Maintenance is minimal and rarely required unless your sign stand is handled frequently. You may wear out the pads on the bottom if drug around or if the sign stand is moved around often on a course surface.
  • NEVER use harsh or abrasive chemicals to clean your sign stands. Do use a soft cloth for dusting or a soft damp rag to wipe down the sign stand. Non-ammonia glass cleaner is all you should use.

Each complete sign stand weighs in at a minimum of 27 lbs including the sign holder.

Rustic Post and Rope Sign Stands

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