Base Pads

As we fine tuned our Stanchion Masters® rustic posts in 2023, the bases went through a couple changes to improve the product. This includes changing the base pads we use.

Although we received no complaints, we found an issue with the 4″ round base pads we started using early on. It appears we either received a bad batch or were misled as some start to lose their adhesion in higher temps.  Our warehouse here in Las Vegas can easily get over 120 degrees during the day, this is how we found loose base pads that we had already installed.

If you are experiencing this issue with the 4″ round pads, let us know how many stanchions are affected. We will ship out our new style pads. Our new replacement pads are softer and have better 3M adhesive. Though these are soft, they are very durable as we have tested these on coarse asphalt and concrete surfaces.

  1. Lay down a soft cloth
  2. You will need to remove all the current pads which can be done somewhat easily. We recommend a rigid plastic drywall scraper so you don’t scratch the powder coat. Make sure there is no left over adhesive within 1.25″ of the outer edge all the way around.
  3. Then you will wipe down the surface with rubbing alcohol.
  4. STAY 1/8″ in from the edge. Applying one at a time, space all three evenly apart around the circumference of the base. Again, stay 1/8″ inside the outer edge. Press firmly or use a roller to make sure they are installed securely

Stanchion Base Pads Rubbing Alcohol Stanchion Masters Stanchion Base Pads

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