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Durable Rental Stanchion RopeAre you an equipment rental, event rental or party rental company that rents:

  • retractable stanchions
  • post and rope stanchions
  • crowd control barricades
  • tents
  • traffic cones

Stanchion Masters® can supply your party rental or equipment rental business with most styles and popular brands of retractable and post and rope stanchions. Stanchions are relatively low maintenance, they are in demand and are an excellent source of rental income.

  • PARTY RENTAL COMPANIES can generate additional revenue by adding stanchions to their rental inventory.
  • EQUIPMENT RENTAL COMPANIES can invest in a low maintenance item that generates cash over and over again.


For companies that offer post and rope stanchion rentals, you may be aware that the foam filled velvet (velour) ropes have a short life or are in frequent need of repair as the rope ends break or material pulls out of the ends. This is costly and reflects poorly on your business because of its low quality.

We would like to suggest you consider offering our Stanchion Masters® black polyethylene ropes. These are a highly durable great look rope featuring our own heavy duty stainless steel rope ends. These rope will exceed your expectations and outlive your velour ropes by years. They also reflect favorably upon your business as you are renting higher quality equipment. You may invest a little more up front but when one Stanchion Masters® rope outlives three to four or more cheap velour ropes, your investment will have paid for itself multiple times. We also offer twisted manila rope.

Durable Black Rental Stanchion Rope Twisted Stanchion Rope Tan Black VIP Stanchion Rope


Offering and having multiple options available for your party rental customers will keep them from shopping around. Not every event that needs barriers, a perimeter or line queues needs to use stanchions. If your customer is an car show or is construction related, you can run stanchion ropes or plastic chain between traffic cones.


  • Traffic cones are cheaper than crowd control stanchions
  • Traffic cones are more durable than stanchions
  • Traffic cones are stackable, take up less space and are easier to transport
  • The rental life of a traffic cone will exceed most other rental equipment items

Plastic Chain to Multi-purpose Traffic Cone Tool HolderStanchion Rope to Traffic Cone Plastic Chain to Traffic Cone

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