Marble Stanchions

dark red brick marble stanchionsStanchion Masters® has expanded our product line to include indoor outdoor post and rope stanchions and sign stands that feature a stunning stone marble appearance. Building on our success in offering over a dozen wooden post colors for our outdoor stanchions, we now offer two of three planned exquisite marble finishes for our customers to choose from. These include the classic and elegant white marble, the bold and captivating red marble, and, coming in 2025, the luxurious and opulent gold marble.

We are confident that our main customer base, comprising hotels, casinos, resorts, restaurants, and event venues, will be delighted to incorporate these unique marble stanchions and sign stands into their properties. By doing so, they will elevate the customer experience to unprecedented levels, leaving a lasting impression on their esteemed guests.

Imagine the grand entrance to a prestigious hotel adorned with our white marble stanchions, exuding grace and sophistication. Picture a vibrant casino entrance, featuring our red marble stanchions, capturing attention and creating an atmosphere of excitement. Envision a luxurious resort, welcoming guests with our gold marble stanchions, radiating opulence and elegance.

White Gray Marble Post and Rope Stanchions Frosted White Ice Marble Stanchion Red Marble Post and Rope Stanchions

Frosted Ice White Crowd Control Posts

Frosted white and gray ice marble colored posts paired with our black stanchion ropes are a versatile choice for any setting that requires a touch of elegance and sophistication. They are particularly well-suited for high-end establishments and special events.

High-end settings:

  • Luxury hotels and casinos: The marble finish and black ropes would create a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere that complements these upscale establishments.
  • High-end retail stores: These stanchions would add a touch of elegance to a retail store and make it feel more exclusive.
  • Art galleries and museums: The frosted marble would create a clean and modern look that would complement artwork on display.

Special events:

  • Weddings and galas: These stanchions would add a touch of sophistication to any formal event. The icy colors could also complement a winter wedding theme.
  • Product launches and VIP events: The stanchions would create a sense of exclusivity and importance for a product launch or VIP event.


popular colors that pair well with frosted white and gray marbled post stanchions:

  1. Silver: This cool metallic complements the icy tones of the stanchions, creating a sleek and modern look.
  2. Light Blue: A pale blue reinforces the cool and airy feel of the stanchions, perfect for a light and refreshing atmosphere.
  3. Taupe: This warm neutral adds a touch of contrast and creates a more inviting ambiance.
  4. Blush Pink: A soft pink adds a touch of femininity and warmth, ideal for weddings or other celebratory events.
  5. Cobalt Blue: This vibrant blue creates a striking contrast with the cool tones, making a bold statement.
  6. Charcoal Gray: A darker shade of gray complements the icy tones while adding depth and definition.
  7. Sage Green: This light green complements the cool tones while adding a touch of nature-inspired elegance.
  8. Terracotta: This warm, earthy hue provides a grounded contrast, creating a modern yet sophisticated look.
  9. Metallic Gold: For a luxurious event, metallic gold rope or signage adds a touch of warmth and glamour alongside the cool stanchions.
  10. Black: This classic color creates a sharp and formal look, perfect for high-end events with the icy stanchions.

Choosing the right color depends on the overall experience you want to create. Consider the following:

  • Formal vs. Informal: Silver or black might suit a formal event, while blush pink or sage green could be ideal for a more relaxed setting.
  • Event Theme: If the event has a specific color theme, you can choose a color that complements it.
  • Space Design: Consider the existing color scheme of the space where the stanchions will be used.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and find a color combination that reflects your unique style or event theme.

Dark Brick Red Crowd Control Posts

  • Formal events: These stanchions would be a good fit for red carpet events, galas, or museum exhibits. The rich color of the posts and the black ropes create a sophisticated look that will complement any formal setting.
  • Theater entrances: Stanchions can be used to create a VIP entrance or to control crowds waiting to enter the theater. The red and black color scheme is also commonly associated with theater, so it would be a natural fit.
  • Hotels: These stanchions could be used in hotel lobbies to create a luxurious atmosphere or to direct guests to different areas of the hotel.
  • Restaurants: Stanchions can be used to create a waiting area for customers or to section off a VIP area. The red and black color scheme can also add a touch of sophistication to a restaurant’s décor.


dark red marble posts with metallic gold ropepopular colors that pair well with dark red brick marbled post stanchions:

  1. Deep Burgundy: This rich red creates a cohesive and dramatic look, ideal for sophisticated events or spaces.
  2. Copper: A metallic copper complements the red tones while adding a touch of warmth and luxury.
  3. Forest Green: This deep green provides a strong contrast, creating a sophisticated and grounded atmosphere.
  4. Charcoal Gray: This dark gray creates a modern and elegant contrast, allowing the red-black marble to stand out.
  5. Creamy Ivory: This light and neutral color balances the richness of the red and black, creating a timeless and elegant look.
  6. Beige: Similar to creamy ivory, beige offers a slightly warmer neutral backdrop.
  7. Terracotta: This warm, earthy hue complements the red tones of the brick while adding a trendy touch.
  8. Sage Green: This light and calming green provides a modern contrast while complementing the red tones subtly.
  9. Metallic Gold: For a luxurious event, metallic gold rope or signage complements the red and black marble with a touch of glamor.
  10. Black & White: This classic combination creates a bold and high-contrast look, perfect for modern or minimalist events.

Choosing the right color depends on the desired effect. Consider the overall tone you want to set (sophisticated, modern, earthy), the level of formality, and any branding elements that might influence the choice.


Decorative Rope SleevesOur decorative ropes are designed to complement your rope posts and enhance the overall aesthetic of your crowd control setup. Made with high quality materials and available in a variety of colors, our ropes are durable and stylish, perfect for creating a sleek and sophisticated look for any event or venue. Whether you choose twisted black rope for a classic and elegant touch, opt for a black with mixed color option for a bold and modern look, or select standard velour colors for a luxurious and plush feel, our decorative ropes will add the finishing touch to your unparalleled crowd control setup. Elevate your space and impress your guests with our unique decorative ropes that combine style and functionality seamlessly.

These marble stanchions are not only visually stunning but also durable, ensuring long-lasting functionality in both indoor and outdoor settings. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, they are designed to withstand the rigors of high-traffic areas while maintaining their pristine appearance.

We invite you to explore the possibilities and envision the transformation these marble stanchions can bring to your establishment.

Stay tuned for the arrival of our marble stanchions, and be prepared to witness a new era of elegance and sophistication in the world of post and rope stanchions.

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