Marble Stanchions

Stanchion Masters® is thrilled to announce the expansion of our product line to include indoor outdoor post and rope stanchions and sign stands that feature a stunning stone marble appearance. Building on our success in offering 20 wooden post colors for our outdoor stanchions, in early 2024, we will be introducing three exquisite marble finishes for our esteemed customers to choose from. These include the classic and elegant white marble, the bold and captivating red marble, and the luxurious and opulent gold marble.

White Gray Marble Post and Rope Stanchions Red Marble Post and Rope Stanchions Gold Marble Post and Rope Stanchions

NOTE: Please note that the images provided above are samples, and we assure you that the actual posts you receive will closely resemble these visuals. As soon as the posts arrive, we will promptly capture and share actual pictures, allowing you to witness the beauty and quality of our marble stanchions.

We are confident that our main customer base, comprising hotels, casinos, resorts, and event venues, will be delighted to incorporate these unique marble stanchions and sign stands into their properties. By doing so, they will elevate the customer experience to unprecedented levels, leaving a lasting impression on their esteemed guests.

Imagine the grand entrance to a prestigious hotel adorned with our white marble stanchions, exuding grace and sophistication. Picture a vibrant casino entrance, featuring our red marble stanchions, capturing attention and creating an atmosphere of excitement. Envision a luxurious resort, welcoming guests with our gold marble stanchions, radiating opulence and elegance.

These marble stanchions are not only visually stunning but also durable, ensuring long-lasting functionality in both indoor and outdoor settings. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, they are designed to withstand the rigors of high-traffic areas while maintaining their pristine appearance.

We invite you to explore the possibilities and envision the transformation these marble stanchions can bring to your establishment.

Stay tuned for the arrival of our marble stanchions, and be prepared to witness a new era of elegance and sophistication in the world of post and rope stanchions.

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