Stanchion Use

You may be asking yourself, “Are there OSHA or ADA rules or laws regarding the use of crowd control stanchions.”  Stanchion Masters recommends you visit the ADA and OSHA websites for more details and complete regulations regarding the use of crowd control stanchions in commercial, industrial and public settings. If you require ADA compliant stanchions, it is recommended you use a dual belt post stanchion so the visually impaired can feel them with their cane.

Commercial/Public Use

If you intend to use crowd control stanchions in a public or commercial setting. In order to maintain minimum compliance, we recommend the following:

  • Distance – a maximum of 6′ between stanchion post
  • Weight – each stanchion should weigh a minimum of 16 lbs
  • Stanchion Height – recommended to be no less than 39″
  • Rope/Chain Height – the lowest point in the rope should be no less than 34″ off the surface directly below
  • Aisle Width – a minimum of 36″. Long distances and turns should allow a 60″ minimum wide section for wheel chairs to turn

Industrial Use

Please contact OSHA or visit the OSHA website for more information on the use of stanchions in industrial areas and construction zones.

Private Use

An example of private use would be considered using plastic stanchions at a private wedding. Plastic stanchions are considered decor or to be a decorative item and do not meet minimum ADA or OSHA compliance or requirements.

How you use plastic or lighted LED stanchions or decorate with them is up to you but we do recommend you follow the same basic rules as listed above in the commercial or public use section. Keep in mind, many decorative plastic stanchions offer you the ability to fill the base with sand or water which increase the stanchion weight.

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