Cheap Stanchions

Cheap Black Retractable StanchionsWarning! Are you considering purchasing cheap stanchions from a recently emerged online retailer or from an unfamiliar company on Amazon or Walmart’s website? Before making a decision, it is crucial to understand the quality of the product you are about to buy and how it aligns with your intended use. While cheap stanchions may meet the needs of some individuals and businesses, they may not be suitable for all situations.

If you plan to use retractable or post and rope stanchions for occasional events with a small number of attendees and store them afterwards, then cheap stanchions should suffice. However, if you anticipate using your stanchions for daily, weekly, or monthly crowd control purposes, it is advisable to reconsider your purchase. Cheap stanchions will not withstand frequent handling and are prone to premature failure when compared to higher quality stanchions. In the end, you may have to repurchase them, raising the question of whether you truly saved any money.


When comparing cheap stanchions to quality ones, price is not the only factor to consider. Here are some additional aspects to take into account when deciding between the two options:

  • Frequency of Use: Determine how often you will be using the stanchions. Will it be a rare occurrence, a daily routine, a weekly event, or a monthly happening?
  • Frequency of Handling: Consider how frequently your stanchions will be handled by employees. Will they be rarely touched, handled on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly? Surprisingly, employee handling is one of the main contributors to stanchion damage. Rough handling such as dragging, stacking, dropping, or tossing can lead to scratches and hardware damage, causing the belt ends and receivers to break. Cheaper stanchions that are handled more frequently tend to come loose and lean, creating an unappealing appearance and reflecting poorly on your business.
  • Crowd Size & Proximity: Evaluate the expected attendance at your event. Will it be heavily attended, moderately attended, or will there be only a few people? Additionally, consider whether the crowd will be in close proximity to the stanchion ropes and belts or if the stanchions will be placed at a distance, creating a visual barrier.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use: While all stanchions are suitable for indoor use, not all stanchions can withstand outdoor conditions equally. If your stanchions will only be used outdoors when the weather is pleasant, they may hold up fine. However, if they will be exposed to scorching sun or frequent rain for extended periods, problems may arise. Cheap stanchions exposed to the sun will quickly fade in color, turning a chalky white. Additionally, stanchions made of thinner or lower quality stainless steel will rust or corrode when exposed to excessive moisture, saltwater, or salty air.
  • Your Location: If your business is located near saltwater on the coast, cheaper stanchions will soon rust or corrode. In such cases, it is advisable to consider stanchions constructed of aluminum or higher quality stainless steel such as 304 stainless steel.
  • Budget Constraints: Your purchase decision may be influenced by budget limitations. If any of the aforementioned factors suggest that a better quality product is required, it is important to explain to your supervisor or manager how investing in higher quality stanchions now will save money in the long run compared to cheaper stanchions that will fail quickly and require frequent replacement. Additionally, it may be worth considering reconfiguring the layout to maximize efficiency. High-quality stanchions with longer belts may require fewer stanchions overall in the setup.

Most of these factors answer your questions as you read them. In conclusion, it is essential to carefully consider the factors mentioned above before purchasing stanchions. Investing in quality stanchions that align with your specific needs will ensure durability, longevity, and cost-effectiveness in the long run.

At Stanchion MastersĀ®, our expertise extends beyond manufacturing our own exceptional post and rope stanchions. We have established strong partnerships with various crowd control stanchion manufacturers, ranging from discount sellers to esteemed high-quality manufacturers. This unique collaboration enables us to cater to a diverse range of customer needs and preferences.

When you entrust us with your requirements, we will suggest the proper stanchions tailored to your specific intended use. Whether you require crowd control solutions for an event, a retail space, a museum, or any other application, we have the expertise and resources to meet your demands.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends not only to the quality of our products but also to our pricing. We understand the importance of staying within budget, which is why we strive to offer you the most competitive prices in the market. By providing us with all the pertinent details regarding your crowd control needs, we can ensure that you receive the ideal stanchions at an unbeatable value.

Choose Stanchion MastersĀ® as your trusted partner for crowd control solutions, and experience the seamless combination of top-notch products, extensive manufacturer collaborations, and affordable pricing. Let us enhance your crowd management experience with our exceptional offerings and customer service.

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