Tapered Diamond Stanchions

Luxe Stanchions by Stanchion Masters

The sexiest crowd control stanchions to ever line the red carpet are Now Available! Stanchion Masters® proudly introduces our patented luxurious rope post barriers, LUXE Stanchions®.

Breaking away from standard tubular post and rope stanchion design, these luxurious beauties add class and elegance to any formal setting including VIP and celebrity red carpet events to upscale restaurants and black tie events. These slender decorative stanchions are an ideal choice for casinos, upscale and boutique hotel lobbies, restaurants, red carpet events, museums, movie theaters and event venues.

Combine with your choice of rich looking VIP ropes, twisted ropes, velvet ropes or our unique rigid barrier beams, these crowd pleasing luxury stanchions are the new go to post and rope choice of hotels, restaurants and casinos throughout the USA. They are designed to fit in most modern and and upscale settings, themes and venues.

Dimensions, details and specifications are as follows:

  • HEIGHT: 41.5″ height with rope connecting at 36.5″
  • WEIGHT: Approximately 30.5 lbs each
  • BASE: 13.75″ diameter round base
  • POST: 4.75″ square post at base
  • COLORS: Textured matte black, polished gold, polished stainless
  • USAGE: Primarily for Indoor use, our goal is to design these for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • SIGNAGE: not yet available
    Matte Black @ $270.00 each + shipping
    Desmo Silver @ $270.00 each + shipping
    Antique Gold @ $270.00 each + shipping
    Bronze @ $270.00 each + shipping
    ADD $75.00 per post for ceramic coating. A ceramic coating offers long lasting superior protection against the elements for outdoors use. Ceramic coatings also make the stanchions easier to clean and reduce fingerprints.
  • CUSTOM VINYL INLAYS: $25.00 each to add custom inlays to your Luxe Stanchions®.


Please contact us if you are interested in our patented Luxe premium stanchions and if you have any questions or would like to secure an order with us.


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