Handling and Care

How to handle and care for your Stanchion Masters real wood stanchions.


When you receive your Stanchion Masters real wood stanchions, it is highly recommended you wear clean leather type gloves when you remove them from the box or whenever you transport them. Though they have been sanded, real wood can have some flaws, splits and rough edges which can dish out some splinters if you’re not handling them carefully.

Dirty gloves, grease or oil on your hands will stain the wood. Make sure your gloves and hands are free from oil, chemicals, grease, etc…


Some tend to go overboard with their cleaning process. DO NOT USE chemical cleaners anywhere on the stanchions. Simply wipe your stanchions down with a dry cotton towel. You can use mild soapy water to remove greasy hand prints.

NOTE: Power/Pressure washing will turn the wood gray way before its time. The wood will naturally patina to a gray over time. Power washing immediately expedites the process.


IF YOU HAVE ROUND BASES WITH PLASTIC COVERS: Use a silicone based tire shine product like Tire Wet (or Armorall) to keep your bases nice and black. Apply to towel and then to base. Keep your over spray off of the wood.
IF YOU HAVE HEXAGON OR SQUARE STEEL BASES: Use non-ammonia glass cleaner and a microfiber towel

WOOD POSTS: Ultra Fine 3M Scotch-Brite hand pads will remove sticky items and minor flaws. ALWAYS RUB WITH THE GRAIN.  To renew your wood posts, use 320 – 400 grit sandpaper with the wood grain.

POST CAP TOPS AND RING HARDWARE: These items may get chipped or scratched over time from hands, jewelry and the stanchion ropes. Minor touch up with Rust-Oleum may be required once in a while. A little car wax on the post cap two or three times each year helps as well. Depends on your location and usage.


This is an optional process that is your choice. Your wood posts are either Thermory Ash or Thermory Pine which are designed to last 20 – 30 years outdoors depending on your location and climate.


  • Prolong the life of the wood
  • delay the natural graying process
  • Enhance the water resistance

Should you choose to seal your wood, it is highly recommended you use the sealer we recommend for your thermally modified wood. We use transparent SuperDeck oil-based formula exterior deck stain from Duckback. It is available at many Sherwin Williams stores or online. REMEMBER, adding sealer, even transparent, will darken the color of the wood!

Our friends at Half Dome Village in Yosemite National Park have stained wood post Stanchion Masters stanchions they are using at the front desk and in a couple dining establishments in the Half Dome area.

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