Old Fashioned Post and Rope

golden oak post and natural nautical rope stanchionsWhether you are the proud owner of a mountain resort in the picturesque town of Jackson, Wyoming, a quaint bed and breakfast in the historic city of Charleston, or an authentic western ranch nestled in the scenic landscapes of New Mexico, it is crucial to establish designated areas for guests while providing them with proper guidance. However, as someone who wishes to maintain a natural, old-fashioned theme throughout your property, the installation of modern metal and steel stanchions and barriers would disrupt the desired ambiance.

Enter Stanchion Masters®! Our unique range of post and rope barrier options perfectly blend in with your vintage aesthetic, enabling you to effortlessly create attractive guidance barriers that effectively manage your guests. Unlike conventional stanchions, our natural-looking alternatives seamlessly integrate with your property’s old-fashioned charm.

In instances where only a rope barrier is necessary, Stanchion Masters® offers convenient wall plate hardware that allows for quick and easy connection and removal of the rope. This flexibility grants you the ability to effortlessly open up areas to your guests whenever desired.

For those requiring a more portable solution, whether it be to adorn your outdoor patio, deck, or to warmly welcome guests at the entrance, or even indoors to create aisles, lanes, and temporary partitions in event areas, Stanchion Masters® offers a wide array of wood grain and marble post colors. These options ensure that your barriers not only serve their practical purpose but also seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetic of your property.

Natural Earth Tones Color Ropes for Wooden StanchionsRest assured that the natural appearance of Stanchion Masters® posts and ropes will not distract from the antique charm that your property exudes. On the contrary, they will enhance the inviting sense of calm that your guests experience as they traverse your grounds. With Stanchion Masters® as your partner in creating effective guidance barriers, you can maintain the timeless allure of your property while ensuring the comfort and safety of your valued guests.


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